Turkish Silk Rugs

Do you know why Silk Turkish Rugs are so popular? Since hundreds of years the market is very competitive for the Turkish rugs against others, but in the same time silk Turkish rugs are leading their category without any challenge. This is not only the result of the unique quality of the silk, but also unbelievable high density.

Over 300 knots per square inch is reached with best quality silk, comes from the city Bursa, Turkey. World famous name “Hereke” can not be considered as a rug, but as a piece of art.
Hereke Silk Rugs are made since over one hundred years and most of these art items from the looms decorating palaces of ottoman sultans.

These exciting beauties of silk Hereke silk rugs are made for palaces only or used to be the official gifts for the other dynasties.

According to the light reflections, surfaces of silk show an amazing color change, reason being the system, on the piles Turkish double knotting. Hereke silk rugs having over 500 double KPSI which is nearly 1 million per square meter consider to be one of the most difficult handwork, exactly falls in the human eyes as one of the finest items of art.

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