Who we are

Something about our business

Established as a family business in 1980 set in the Castle, Ankara. We started this business with Anatolian carpets.

Within that period we developed restoration and repair carpets in 1985. After 1994, we extended our little store and add another countries’ carpets/rugs, Turkmenistan, Persian and Central Asia.

Our extensive collection included; Oriental, Persian and Anatolian Rugs, Persian and Turkish Carpets, Hereke Silk Carpets, Persian Sumac and manufacturing Pillowcase, carpetbag, kilim coaster.

Turkish knotted carpets and flat-weaves occupy a very important place in our cultural heritage as ethnographic documents relating to the Turkish inhabitants of Anatolia in each succeeding epoch, like all other such historical documents, carpets and kilims clearly reflect the values of the period in which they were made.

The textile fragments, weaving tools and dye materials yielded by archaeological excavations corroborate the theory that flat-weaves have been produced in Anatolia since the Neolithic period, but the amount of material so far obtained is not sufficient to provide an answer to questions such as how and when flat-woven or knotted rugs were first produced.